What Flowers Say About Your Style

Between the venue and your dress, you’ve dreamt about your wedding day your whole life. But what about the flowers? These special blooms are a huge addition to your décor and the foundation for your overall theme.

From hydrangeas to peonies, there are hundreds of flowers to choose from. Whether you’re a classic or bohemian bride, the flowers you choose actually says a lot about your style!

Check out our roundup of the top five wedding styles to see which bride you might be.



You’re traditional in every sense of the word and want to emulate that on your big day. So, it’s only fitting that roses would be a top choice for the classic bride.

Roses are timeless and elegant, but also extremely versatile. Commonly, bouquets have a round arrangement with monochromatic hues such as white, pink, or red. However, if you want to put your own twist you can mix different colored roses with complementary flowers such as Lily of the Valley, hand tied with a long ribbon.

Whichever way you choose, roses will never go out of style.



You’re a bold and daring bride who wants flowers that showcase your unique style––bright colors, a ton of texture, or unexpected blooms, you like to think outside of the box.

You’ve heard of orchids and there’s a reason (hint: they’re stunning). These bright, long-stemmed beauties add a modern touch to arrangements and will definitely make a statement.

Orchids can stand alone or you can add other eye-catching flowers like gardenia or protea to take it up a notch.

Don’t be afraid to stray away from the trends and choose flowers that aren’t as common, because at the end of the day it’s your wedding.



The romantic bride wants her guests to feel the love and passion throughout the ceremony and reception whether it’s an intimate affair or large gathering.

Without a doubt, ranunculus is a top choice for the romantic bride. Although larger in size, they’re light and airy with a rose-like appearance. There’s something about their exquisite, soft construction that we can’t get enough of.

Even if you’re not a hopeless romantic, there’s no denying that ranunculus is a special flower that will truly turn up the romance.



Do you love the outdoors or just have a genuine appreciation for nature? If so, you’re definitely a rustic bride.

 Sunflowers are quickly becoming a summer wedding staple and complement a rustic theme beautifully. Not only are they bright and cheerful, but they’re also a symbol of good luck (yes, please!)

 Tip: Your venue doesn’t have to be on a farm to have a rustic theme. Add elements of nature by adding baby’s breath or a touch of lavender to your arrangements.




The bohemian bride has a carefree spirit with an ultra-feminine side and wants a wedding filled with natural and vintage details.

 Channel your inner hippie with burgundy dahlias­­––the perfect mix of wild and whimsical. Mix in eucalyptus, succulents, and orange pin cushion flowers for added interest.

Go for loose, oversized arrangements with cascading flowers in antique vases to complement your boho theme!

So, which bride are you? There’s a possibility you resonate with more than one style and that’s okay! Mix and match different elements to create a style that’s uniquely you.

December 08, 2018 — Christie Hernandez