OUR FAVORITE 2021 Stationery Trends

We can honestly say that 2020 took a big hit in a big way, especially in regards to the event and stationery industry.  Weddings and events were postponed or cancelled all together and those who did move forward with their wedding often implemented major reductions in their guest list to abide by state regulations for gatherings. Vendors had to get creative in order to stay afloat and make it to the next season.  And with all this happening, one would think there would be plenty of time to sit down and focus on the trends of the upcoming 2021 year.

But even if now is the time to design new color palettes and generate fun ideas for the new season, it feels a little fast paced for two reasons. 

1) Who knows how long Covid-19 will last?  Will it be over next year or will it linger on into the year, having the same effect as this year?

2) It almost feels as if we skipped forward, bypassing the hard work that went into this years designs and color palettes.  

But with all that being said, we sat down and researched what we could "expect" to see in 2021 regarding stationery trends.  Here we go!

1). Bold designs and vibrant colors.  Think bright yellows, blues, pinks and purples.  Boho style mixed with vibrant colors mixed in unique ways.

2. Soft and delicate colors with a stand out hue.  Think clean and modern with a bright focal point. 

 3.  Moody Elegance. Think dark, sophisticated colors paired with leather or natural stone.  

Which is your favorite trend for 2021?

August 30, 2020 — Christie Hernandez